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Why Film?

By dundeedaviehudson, Feb 2 2019 04:12PM

In early January 2019 I, fo some weird reason took a liking to film .... I don't know why but I went on a buying spree of film cameras, butying 6 in a very short period. Now in all honesty some of these were from charity shops/car boot sales and then there was 3 'good' ones, those being a Pentax Spotmatic F, Canon Classic 120 and a Leica C1.

As a semi-pro photographer I hope I have certain skills in the art of photography and those skills need honing from time to time and film is the perfect way to do it for many reasons including..it makes you slow down, it makes you think about every shot you take (you'll only get 36 at most per film) , it also gives you effects that some people spend time adding to their images and the big one for me.... it teaches patience.

I think one of the selling points is the imperfection, as you have seen by my wabi-sabi gallery imperfection is a major part of my life and film gives me that straight off the bat , it's a nice feeling.

I think film is perfectly suited for street style photography and this takes me out of my comfort zone, another thing I like and I can see myself embracing this.

I think film will end up being a major part of my workflow with all it's imperfections.... as I tell people " There ain't nothing more oring than perfect"


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