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Organic and Fine Art Photography

I like to describe my photography as 'Organic' and what I mean by this is there will always be a natural element to anything I photograph. I think of it as totally random but with soul and I will admit that my photographs are very mood driven, in that you will be able to tell what mood I was in when the photograph was taken, you could say I have an attitude and am opinionated and I will never apologise for that!


As of January 2019 I shoot almost exclusively with film using a variey of cameras and film stocks.


I am currently the head of The Society of Scottish Landscape Photographers and as such try to lead by example in the environmental protection of the Scottish Landscape and openly encourage people to take part in the outdoor life.


The kit I use to achieve my images is very carefully chosen to give me the most benefit,my main kit being a  Leica M6, Fuji GW690 , Rollei SL66, Pentax LX, Pentax Spotmatic F, Leica CL , with my digital urge being served by a Leica M9 and Epson R-D1. This is the equipment I trust as it is the means for me to express myself.


If you wish to contact me please feel free regardless of reason and I will answer as soon as I possibly can.